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What Could be the Most Transformative HVAC System in the World

The new NovaCool™ technology is a high efficiency heating and cooling system that combines the revolutionary qualities if NOVACAB™ Thermal Energy Storage and Conversion Technology with a what has been known as traditional HVAC systems.

Both NOVACAB and NovaCool utilize proprietary formulations of Phase Change Material to capture waste heat and to convert the waste into “no cost” electricity. The result is an energy costs savings that is unparalleled by any other HVAC equipment we know of. The savings can be as much as 40%. In today’s escalating energy cost environment, every 1% savings in energy can make a big difference in your bottom line. A 40% savings could make the difference in the sustainability of your entire overall business.

When added to an existing HVAC system in a commercial location such as restaurant, NovaCool can become the primary heating and cooling system without replacing the existing HVAC system.

NovaCool can also serve as a replacement for both the air handler and the condensing unit. Obviously, it does not replace the existing ductwork.

In an older building, NovaCool can be “attached” to the existing system. In other words, the existing older system can remain. Trained Technicians just need to tie the new NovaCool system to the existing system.

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NovaCool can be used for restaurants, particularly with chain or franchise operations that tend to have a standard systems approach to HVAC. The standardization tends to reduce engineering costs for individual projects.

While the company has a very generous policy of applying the costs for pre-engineering studies to the purchase price for NovaCool, the standardization, or uniformity, of the business locations helps to reduce costs and streamline the process of enhancing many locations rapidly.

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