"Novacab is the ONLY
On-Site-Energy Systems
of its Kind in the World"

James Babb, NASA Engineer

James Babb is a Former Navy Commander and NASA Engineer. He was “Voted Top 1% of NASA Engineers” by his peers. James has complimented the company by stating, “NASA tried doing this for 30 years and failed, but you [Novacab] have perfected this technology!”


By Using Novacab,
Power Plants, including
Nuclear Plants, can
Increase Power
Production and Reduce
Costs Enormously by

Capturing Wasted Heat!


65% of All Energy
Produced in the USA

“Everywhere that heat is
generated is a potential user of
Novacab Thermal Energy Conversion”


Strategic Alliances

On-Site-Energy Systems partners with specialized marketing companies that bring
powerful resources to all of our Strategic Alliance Partners.

The Masi Marketing Organization, LLC

Referred to by Larry Masi as “MMO,” The Masi Marketing Organization is comprised of a network of seasoned business executives who have an innate ability to perform in the area of business development and alliance formation.

MarketPower USA, LLC

A digital production company that produces web-based marketing tools, animated videos, and customized programming for its own enterprises and ventures, including mobile apps.


A subsidiary division of MarketPower USA, LLC. Digital Dashboards is the platform on which the Masi and Dominion Teams will deliver information about the Novacab Units. It can be done without bulky email attachments!

The Future of Energy Storage is Here

It’s Like Having Your Own Power Plant, but Without any Fossil Fuels!

Novacab On-Site Energy Systems

  • has a solution, albeit not every home can yet afford one.
  • However, commercial properties CAN and must take every step possible to prepare for their own OUTAGE.
  • In the meantime, have a drastically reduced power bill is something that every property owner and investor wants!
  • The net result of all this demand is that we had to come up with a means to cover the nation instantly and accommodate the tens of thousands of major buildings and facilities that NEED Novacab!
  • We are in the process of doing so with national strategic partner, one of which has over 100 office locations across the country.
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Energi Pros, LLC - Another Authorized Distributorship

  • Michael Logan has been able to concentrate on recruiting approximately 10 other Authorized Distributors for Novacab, one of which is Energi Pros.
  • Mr. Logan was responsible for setting up Energi Pros, LLC, a Houston-based ESCO [Energy Service Company].
  • Energi Pros has already invested several hundred thousand dollars building their sales team and systems, including making a $25,000 purchase of a Gold Sponsor Membership in IFMA.
  • IFMA is the International Facilities Management Association which has over 10,000 building owner/manager members in the United States, and 14,000 additional members around the world.
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Existing Clients (in Canada)

The History of the Novacab Business – Includes More than 40 Successful Installations in Canada

During its developing years, the Company was located in Canada, where it successfully consummated more than 40 Novacab installations, including significant enterprises like IBM, The Montreal Stock Exchange, and L’Oreal.




L'Oreal Canada


The Montreal Stock Exchange

Future Clients (in the USA)

The Future of the Novacab Business – Novacab On-Site-Energy Systems are ideal for all of the above property categories.


Office Buildings




Shopping Malls


Manufacturing Facilities


Colleges & Universities


Casinos & Hotels


Geothermal Projects


Solar Farms




Power Plants