Frequently Asked Questions

  • NOVACAB is a Thermal Energy Storage & Power Conversion System that can be used by almost any major property to conserve energy and reduce energy costs by as much as 30% or more.
  • NOVACAB Captures otherwise wasted heat, stores the heat, and converts the heat into FREE Electricity.
  • NOVACAB uses proprietary formulations of Phase Change Material ("PCM") to store energy in the form of heat a higher density than any traditional "battery."
  • Using a it's own converter, NOVACAB discharges energy as electricity – on demand, as needed. The ratio of energy that is converted to Electricity is approximately 30%.
  • The result is that NOVACAB reduces electricity consumption by an average of 30%+

NOVACAB Units can be installed by qualified Commercial HVAC Contractors that deal with major commercial properties.

Instead of piping heated liquid into a cooling tower which dissipates heat into the atmosphere, the HVAC Contractor installs the NOVACAB Units in a configuration whereby heated fluid is piped into the NOVACAB Units. The otherwise wasted heat is absorbed into the Phase Change Material rather than being dissipated into the atmosphere through a cooling tower.

The cooled liquid is then recirculated into the system at a lower temperature which also reduces wear and tear on the building's mechanical systems.

The heat energy that is stored in the NOVACAB Unit can then be deployed as FREE Electricity.

    Peak Load Leveling

  • NOVACAB shaves peak load demand (kWh), thus reducing the purchase of electricity at peak pricing from the grid.

    FREE Electricity Production

  • NOVACAB produces FREE energy on demand, thus reducing overall purchasing of electricity from the grid.
  • The COMBINED RESULT is a reduction in overall heating & cooling cost by an average of 30%, or more.

    Energy Storage Back-Up

  • NOVACAB also serves as a "BLACK-START" Back-Up energy supply in the event of grid failure.

NOVACAB has been installed in over 40 locations in Canada including at:

  • The Montreal Stock Exchange
  • L'Oreal
  • IBM

NOVACAB is now opening in the USA, in upstate New York

Every NOVACAB installation is custom engineered to meet the needs of the building owner. In many cases, the investment required is mitigated by utility companies that are willing to finance a significant portion of the installation by adding an incremental increase to the property owner's utility bill.

A full installation of a single NOVACAB Unit can range in the area of $1.2 Million for 1 MW.

NOVACAB Units can be financed through creative sources (Utility Co's in certain deregulated states, and other leasing arrangements, etc.)

The typical ROI can be accelerated if “Cycling" of the NOVACAB Units is increased beyond one cycle per day.

Increased Cycling - Case Studies

    1. Health System, Calhoun, GA

  • 69 Staffed Beds
  • 1 Cycle per day: $300,000 savings +/- per year (ROI: 4 years)
  • 2 Cycles per D8ay: $600,000 savings +/- per year (ROI: 2 years)
  • 3 Cycles per Day: $900,000 savings +/- per year (ROI: 1.2 years)

Novacab Sales Volume: $1.2 Million (1 MW unit)

Texas Medical Center,
San Marcos, TX – 178 Staffed Beds

  • 1 Cycle per Day: $370,000 savings +/- per year (ROI: 3.2 years)
  • 2 Cycles per Day: $720,000 savings +/- per year (ROI: 1.6 years)
  • 3 Cycles per Day: $1,110,000 savings +/- per year (ROI: 1.1 years)

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