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On-Site-Energy™ Commercial
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On-Site-Energy Healthcare
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On-Site-Energy Solar Enhancement
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About Us

Who We Are

We are an innovative Energy Systems Marketing Company that sources out the most effective ENERGY TECHNOLOGIES for Home & Business. Our current focus is on large commercial properties where we can help save over 30% for buildings spending more than a million dollars a year.

What We Are NOT...

We are NOT a solar panel company. We are NOT a light-bulb-changing company. We are NOT a big wind farm company. We ARE a Revolutionary GAME-CHANGING Company. Let Us be YOUR Game-Changer. We can help you Stop Overpaying for Energy! Get a FREE Estimate of How Much You Can Save on Energy. Tell us how much you SPEND. We'll tell you how much your can SAVE!

What We Do

On-Site-Energy.com is unlike any Green Energy company you have ever known. We embrace, promote, and place the most innovative energy-saving technologies in the world.

Every technology has been vetted and is offered to you directly from the manufacturer. However, WE ADD VALUE by helping you obtain financing, tax incentives, grants and even Strategic Partnerships.
We align with your business according to your needs and desires.

Do you want to cut your Energy costs by 30% to 40% by converting wasted Heat into No-Cost Electricity?

We can do that for you with NOVACAB, a breakthrough Thermal Energy Storage and Conversion System that has a proven track record of over 14 years in Canada, at locations like IBM and The Montreal Stock Exchange.
On-Site-Energy.com is your source for NOVACAB.

Power Companies & Solar Companies

Regardless of whether you are the largest power company in the world, or the biggest solar farm operator, or a manufacturer, or a supermarket owner, we will shock you with how much money we can add to your bottom line. Check out our Solar Farm "Aggregator" Enhancement System that adds 34% more electricity output to your existing Solar Farms.

Electric Utility Companies in particular must be aware that Energy STORAGE IS now being MANDATED in 8 states. NOVACAB is the best vehicle by which to achieve adequate power storage. Check out our slide deck on Mandated Power Storage.

The Wind Industry

If you are in the Wind Turbine Industry, we have an Energy Technology that can literally save you millions, and make you millions more! We can help you avoid the decommissioning of older wind turbines with a revolutionary patented blade systems that has 19 times the surface area of your old legacy blades. In other words, our blades achieve 90% efficiency whereas legacy turbine blades are maxxed out at about 30-35% efficiency.

Watch our video on the Revolutionary FanTurbine.

If we can help you to avoid decommissioning old turbines, plus nearly triple your efficiency, what would that do to your bottom line?

Data Center Owners & Operators

If you are in the Data Center business you know the constant quest for affordable reliable power. Don't miss the fact that NOVACAB can capture the heat from your Data Centers and convert it into No-Cost electricity. No one else can make that claim!
In fact, just to prove a point, NOVACAB has been installed for over 10 years in the Montreal Stock Exchange, that houses Two Data Centers, where it has reduced cooling costs by 47%. Check out the slides on the Montreal Stock Exchange.

Improve Your Bottom Line in Any Industry

If you are in ANY BIG BUSINESS, you owe it to yourself, and your shareholders to talk to us. We CAN improve your bottom line.
When we improve your bottom line, we add to your unencumbered net profit which drives your stock value up. Let one of our experts do the math for you. We can make you make money!

It's that simple!
Contact Us Today!

Are you looking for a great solution to reduce your company’s energy cost?

Our Current Vertical Markets for

Novacab Thermal Energy Conversion And Storage Systems


Cut Power Costs with load leveling

Cold Storage

Reduce peak loads and energy cost.

Data Centers

Capture Heat and turn it into FREE Electricity


Have Instant Backup Power while saving thousands of dollars on energy costs.

Military & Government

We work through approved government procurement companies.

Power Plants and Refineries

Create unlimited scalable energy storage and produce more power with NOVACAB

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Save On Your Commercial Property Energy

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